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Originally posted on my other blog Two Roads Diverged, these are my thoughts on Max Blumenthal’s 2013 book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel. It’s an investigative analysis on increasing fascist trends within greater Israeli society.

Fatima Mohie-Eldin

A Review of Goliath by Max Blumenthal

17366045Goliath by Max Blumenthal

Although the state would like the international public to believe it embodies the underdog “David” archetype from the “David and Goliath” trope, constantly under attack from a savage and massive enemy, in reality Israel’s state policies towards minorities and rampant racism and xenophobia position it as the overbearing and tyrannical “Goliath,” as Max Blumenthal exhaustively uncovers in his 2013 book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel.

After finally finishing Goliath just a few days ago, I can say the experience was painful, but also important, and I would even argue necessary for anyone with even a remote interest in Israel and Palestine.

Max Blumenthal coherently weaves together the history of the occupation of Palestine and formation of Israel with snapshots of life in modern Israel, as well as the Occupied Territories, no easy task considering the multitude of overlapping themes…

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